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I am a routine-loving, nap-craving solo mama, just like many of you. I don’t have it all together, but I sure do try my best because….sanity.

Hopefully you’re enjoying the chaos while you’re trying to create some order and reheating your coffee?

You can expect the following types of Resources here:

  • Discovery-sharing of tips, apps, tools, methods and tricks that HELP single parents homeschool and cope.
  • Ways to work from home and homeschool at the same time (minus PJs, mostly!).
  • Honest posts about solo parenting, working, and homeschooling – it’s a journey for the parent as much as the child, right?!
  • Practical ways to simplify homeschooling.
  • Post and resources that help you cut out the overwhelm in choosing the “right” curriculum and resources that help YOUR child.
  • Occasional sponsored posts, product reviews, and guest posts along the same lines of the above.

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Helpful posts

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