helpful apps for homeschooling

Top helpful apps for homeschoolers

There’s no getting away from technology – there’s an app for just about everything these days, except common sense, respect and critical thinking! How about getting the most out of these apps in your homeschooling setting?

There’s nothing wrong with using constructive apps for a constructive, positive purpose. As a homeschooler in the 21st century, using every helpful resource available to equip and teach your children obviously includes apps (sooner or later anyway).

This post will list some helpful apps for youngsters, teens, parents and more, all organized by category because *overwhelm* is real.

Most of these apps have a free version and a paid version, so be sure to watch your budget before just downloading everything willy-nilly.

Organizing apps for homeschooler parents and kids

Even as adults, we could all use apps that help improve our productivity and cut down on wasted, aimless internet browsing and scrolling. Teach your kids about the boundaries you set yourself to be productive and help them set up their own. It’s an opportunity to teach your child about using resources to set good habits. Here are some popular apps that help with this:

Math apps for homeschoolers

These apps add some fun applications to learning math concepts and principles. You might find that one or two of these apps may be just what your kid needs to have some lightbulbs switch on and get them to excel.

  1. Reflex Math
  2. Moose Math (part of Duck Duck Moose)
  3. Saxon Math
  4. SplashLearn
  5. ChessKids (because chess is like math in many ways)
  6. Dragon Box
  7. Prodigy

Science apps

  1. Monster Physics
  2. Bobo Explores Light – an extremely well-designed graphics app that teaches about the science of light
  3. How It Works: Machines – interactive app, perfect for hands-on kids
  4. StarWalk – an app you can use outside to learn about the stars and planets
  5. The Human Body – an impressive kid-friendly anatomy app

Reading apps for homeschoolers

Technology being what it is, it can be super helpful in teaching your child how to read, keeping them occupied with something very helpful and educational while you finish a task or two. Here are some popular apps that can help your child learn to read:

  1. Teach Your Monster to Read (paid)
  2. Endless Alphabet (Endless has a variety of apps)
  3. Khan Academy (free)
  4. Reading Eggs (paid plan)
  5. ABC Mouse
  6. Word Wagon
  7. Book Builder
  8. Duck Duck Moose
  9. Spelling Bee
  10. Starfall – This app, along with Brainfall, teaches a combination of maths and reading skills.
  11. BrainPop
  12. Night Zookeeper – An app that encourages creative writing skills.

Geography apps

I found this lovely blog by the Techiehomeschoolmom on useful Geography apps for homeschoolers. She includes descriptions of each app and what ages they are suited for. Check it out!

Some apps for fun

  • PBSKids
  • Sensory Baby
  • SuperBook – A Christian app with videos of Bible stories
  • Adventure Academy

Other helpful apps for homeschoolers

  1. Duolingo (for learning other languages)
  2. Powerhomeschool – Acellus app (costly)
  3. Classical Conversations
  4. Encyclopedia Brittanica

Audiobook apps

As I was looking up some audiobook apps besides the well-known Kindle, Audible and Scribd, I came across a blog post specifically on audiobook apps, written by another working homeschooling mom-blogger, Jen from PracticalbyDefault. She mentions many audiobook apps I’ve never heard of before, so I’m looking forward to trying out some new options!

More audiobook apps:

Other thoughts on using apps in homeschooling

It’s all about controlling technology, not having it control you.

Your participation and supervision in your child’s use of technology are CRUCIAL.

Don’t just let your kids have at it with a device, even if you DO have screentime controlling apps and other security measures installed. There’s always something new coming out that may break the barriers we set up, so be aware.

Set boundaries.

Keep communication lines open with your child when using apps. Let them tell you if there are any disturbing ads popping up, for example.


What are your favorite apps that you use in homeschooling, that you and/or your kids used to stay on top of your routine and productivity? Like, share and add yours in the comments below so I can add them to the list above.

6 thoughts on “Top helpful apps for homeschoolers”

  1. Great list! There are SOOO many apps. Here are some more to add. I just made a list this week of apps to check out. 🙂
    Monster Math
    Memrise (for foreign language learning)
    Librivox for audio books
    Books – 23,469 Classics (digital versions of classics)
    TapTyping for typing skills
    Handwriting Without Tears to learn basic writing skills

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